Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And so it begins...


I promise it makes sense that I have everything I will need for the next 60 days in a bathroom!

Can't go anywhere without the golf clubs! 

About six weeks ago I was in Scotland visiting the traveling salesman and got this phone call... "Hey I need to discuss something with you, stay at the apartment I'm headed there now." In case you don't live my life I'll translate for you "We got transfer papers"

And so began our third international move in two years- This time however we are returning to the "motherland", the land of red, white and blue, and much to the traveling salesman's delight- the land of baseball! That's right y'all we are going home! We are headed to Sugar Land, Texas and can't wait to see our family and friends very soon. 

I promise to document this journey much better than I have the last two and share some moving tips that we have learned along the way. While I will miss quite a bit about our life abroad I am excited to be "home" where I speak the language, know the culture and can shop at Target. Look out USA here we come again!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday!

Some random things I'm enjoying this Friday...

1. Breakfast at the cafe. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to whip up a breakfast so on those days we head to Costacafe and let them froth my soy milk and hand us some brioches!

Isn't it pretty?

2. Today was such a beautiful day that I caved (rather rapidly) when E-rie asked to stay home from school. She was awfully polite when she asked! So after buying some much needed groceries we headed to the park. And are you ready to be jealous- I stood there with no coat on and wearing sunglasses! Perfect Friday! 

Note to self: Find E-rie's sunnies so I can keep mine!

3. I know I'm late to the game, but Kid President absolutely cracks me up! I found this one today and think it is perfect words of wisdom for everyone. And who doesn't love a corn dog?

4. Carson comes home today! My kiddos have missed their dog so they are pumped. When I broached the subject that the doctor had to remove his leg to keep him from getting sicker E-rie's only response was "It's okay. He will still be my funny dog Carson!" Gotta love the way that gal looks at life! 

The morning I was taking the dog for his surgery. I hadn't said a word to her about it but she still asked for a picture with her friend. Talk about breaking a mama's heart!

5. The Piazza del Popolo turns into an organic farmers market this Sunday. You better believe we are going to grab some gelato and meander the streets!

Happy Day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings...

I can not seem to focus this week, so in that vein here are a few of my random thoughts.

1. I'm pretty sure I've officially decided that being an adult just plain sucks some weeks. Last week was one of those weeks. E-rie's bestest friend Car-Car (aka the dog) had a tumor on his leg that was growing uncontrollably. So for the past SIX weeks we have been at the vet's office at least twice a week. Finally all of the test results arrived and it was time for some heartwrenching decisions. In the end we made the decision to amputate the dog's front leg. He is currently with a foster family recuperating and hopefully should be home this week. And then comes the last part of the cruddy adult stuff- explaining to a 2 and 3 year old why their dog has only three legs now. Throughout this whole thing I really just wanted to play ostrich. Unfortunately that whole sucky adult thing kicked in and I couldn't do that!

2. The Italian weather gods have decided we get to have a taste of spring! All this week we have been enjoying sunny days in the 50's and 60's. With weather like that we have been at the park every day and relishing every second of it. Here's hoping winter doesn't decide to rear its ugly head again. 

3. A bridal shop has opened in the shop space underneath our apartment and it is lovely! If I am going to live over a store I can't ask for anything better than frilly dresses, delightful designers and kind clients. Every morning when we leave for school E-rie comments on the "bootiful princess dresses" and always wants to go say hi to the "nice ladies". And they have decorated our courtyard and street entrance too. I get welcomed home by twinkle lights and flowers- seriously the best thing! 

4. Since I have not been able to focus I have had no motivation to tackle any projects around the house. However the lovely consequence has been that the Wildman and I have played together every morning. It has been so much fun and eye opening as to how much I miss when I'm racing around finishing up stuff. And since my time with him is racing by ( he starts school in September)  I have a feeling my house will be a little more messy and very few projects will be done over the next few months. I'm just going to work on being a master train track builder. 

I told you it was a rambling kind of day...

Happy Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hotel rooms and other such nonsense...

I swear that all hotel rooms were designed by men- And men with bad hair and skin too! Have you ever noticed that in hotel rooms the desk is always under a picture and it has a plug on the lamp? BUT the mirror is all the way across the room! They make it physically impossible to sit down and put on your makeup and style your hair...and don't get me started on the lack of plugs in the bathroom or the horrible hair dryers they attach to the wall. I swear no woman would have ever designed rooms with an appalling lack of functionality! Is it too much to ask to not have to sit in the floor with a hot curling iron to do my hair? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Sleep has been elusive in our household for the past few weeks. Ever since the Wildman graduated to a big boy bed, he figured out how to flip over the crib rail, and the paci fairy came to visit he has decided to not sleep! It honestly takes at least 90 minutes for him to finally settle down. I have tried everything and I really mean everything. I have put him in timeout, placed a baby gate in front of his room to keep him in, and finally took away all distractions. I even moved him and his sister into the same room so I could convert his room into a playroom. This way there are no toys to entice him out of bed. Finally last night I started sitting outside his room and putting him immediately back into bed once he got up. It took only 1 hour to get him to sleep and today at nap time it took 45 minutes. Here's hoping this works because my rump is going numb sitting in the floor! And this gal could use some beauty sleep.

Anyone else have any secret tips?

Happy Day!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Tutoots is convinced that snow means Christmas so when it snows she says "Merry Christmas" 
 We woke up today to some HUGE white fluffy flakes coming down.  I had all intentions of following our regular routine and then heading to school, but you know what they say about intentions. Everyone was up, dressed and bundled up so we headed out to take the dog out, one of the not fun aspects of city living, which is about three blocks away. When we left it was just starting to come down pretty good. By the time we got back we had about an inch on the ground! I decided I was not walking a mile to school to be told they were closing school. Instead we are all bundled up in warm jammies and have decided today is a movie, hot chocolate and art project day!

I think his winter has lost its wonder

I need warm jammies. I need cookies. I need a movie! Mama can we just go home?

Even the dog was excited for a bit, and then decided he had enough.

This girl knows how to do comfy!

It sure is pretty from inside though.

Winter in Ravenna
Basilica San Vitale

Gotta run, my hot chocolate is ready!

Happy Day!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fabulous Friday

Foil Lady!

Does it get any better than haircut and color day? I swear it is my favorite day and I look forward to the next one the second I leave the salon! And this time it was much needed I had roots so long I looked like I had ombré hair. After a few hits and misses I found me an amazing guy who is willing to put up with my hair craziness! And he isn't afraid of my highlights-something Italian ladies don't do often.

And you know what else made this Friday fabulous? Aperitifs with friends! Aperitifs are the Italian version of happy hour and since a wonderful friend was willing to watch my kiddos tonight I got to go! I usually only get to go in the summer time when we can gather at the outside tables and let the kids play in a nearby piazza. And after the craziness of this week I enjoyed every minute of hanging out! We had such a good time I forgot to snap a pic.

Happy Day!

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